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Na Vinici Villa House

The location of Prague's Vinohrady retains the charm of romantic vineyards as a prestigious district of a modern city. The villa house Na Vinici, set in a fertile slope saturated with greenery, provides comfortable living with all the conveniences of the metropolis.

Functional technologies are combined with natural materials for the comfort and convenience of the inhabitants. Pure lines and colours are tastefully enlivened by the elements of greenery. The architectural solution respects the traditional values of housing. It cleverly uses the surrounding curves and, through loggias, balconies, terraces and generous windows, mirrors the energy of the local landscape. The new modern building signed by PSN is a place where the wishes of children and adults are fulfilled.


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Cellar/cellar stall for each apartment
possibility to purchase a garage parking space for selected units

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1. Floors above ground
availible: 7 apartments

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4 equipped floors
27 cozy units
22 realization

All the colours of life

On the four floors of the house you will find 27 unit with layouts from 1 room + kitchenette to 3 rooms + kitchenette. The generously designed units are made for family life, yet they breathe youthful vigor with the essence of lightness. They provide privacy and a safe place to live, but at the same time they are open up to the freshness of greenery. The play of light in the interiors is accompanied by harmonious tones of well-being. All units are equipped in the Fit out standard*. The timeless design ideally completes the perfect practical concept to work together to create the perfect home. There is also a garage located in the basement of the house, which also holds the cellar cubicles available to the inhabitants.

* The residential unit is only finished up to the final surfaces, including sanitaryware, and contains the preparatory points for the kitchen installations.

Project timeline

Start of construction

may 2021

Launch of sales

june 2021

Rough construction

january 2022

Building approval

august 2022

Interior work

january 2023

Handover of housing units

february 2023

All of the above deadlines are for reference only and are in no way guaranteed to be met. The above deadlines are based on optimum assumptions for the construction and implementation of the project and must therefore be taken with a grain or two of salt.


The villa house Na Vinici has been erected on the Perucká street which borders the west part of the Perucká slope. Formerly used as a vineyard and an orchard, it is now a popular city park boasting of a number of remarkable tree species. The picturesque trails lead us to the follow-up Grébovka park with a luxurious panoramic view of Prague. An outdoor gym or a petanque court are also included here.

The natural beauty around the villa is accompanied by countless opportunities for an active life, entertainment, sports, wellness, culture as well as the magnificent architecture. It is no coincidence that Vinohrady is one of the most desirable and most prestigious districts in Prague. The location also features fantastic civic amenities and an excellent accessibility of public transport links. There are a few primary schools and nurseries, the post office and the outpatient clinic in the vicinity of the house. Also numerous restaurants and shops are located in the walking distance. The public transport is accessible from the nearby tram stop with links to the A & C metro lines as well as the train stop in Vršovice.

Purchase and Financing

Successful long-term cooperation of our company and Hypoasistent s.r.o. in financing the sale of apartments owned by clients also allows to provide you with a unique offer to finance the purchase of an apartment in the villa house Na Vinici. Hypoasistent is a contractual partner of 16 banks and in cooperation with them provides individual discounts on interest rates and fees, tailored to everyone's needs.

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