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Cellar/cellar stall for each apartment
possibility to purchase a garage parking space for selected units

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1. Floors above ground
availible: 7 apartments

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* The unit is sold including interior fittings

Client Center

Have you already picked a flat of your dreams and started to plan how to transform it into your cosy home? The home should be the place where we feel safe and comfortable. It is our oasis and in front of its door we can leave all the worries and the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. Knowing well that everyone is different, we are willing to listen to you and we approach each and every one of you with an open mind and especially with a real offering that will satisfy your needs and desires. If the flat layout and the house structure allow so, we will be happy to adapt to your needs and wishes. In cooperation with ProBydlení, we can offer you many years of experience and a professional system of client modifications for the Na Vinici Villa House project.

ProBydlení offers complete services regarding the fixtures and fittings of the flats or houses, to be delivered both before and after the real estate is completed. The company has a unique showroom in Butovice, where you can find all in one place. Under the same roof you can get inspired by a wide choice of samples and with the help of individual experts you can directly place an order for your new bespoke kitchen counter, fitted wardrobes, floor coverings, doors and many more for your complete interior. All of that very modern in style and in fashion and just like you wish. The expert team highly experienced in client modifications, furnishings and the home decor and interior design is available to you.

And what can you wish for within the client modifications?

Selection of Standard Materials

For the floor and ceramic tiles, sanitaryware, floor coverings and doors, the material standards are determined in roughly the same price range, and their samples are available in the ProBydlení sample room. It is especially a combination of various colours of standard materials with no impact on the quantity (total area, counts) and the method of installation, workmanship as well as the unit´s layout and interior installations. You can choose from many standard floor and ceramic tiles, floor coverings, interior doors (with no need to change to size of the door aperture and the direction of the door leaf opening), inner lining of entrance doors or interior window sills and electrical terminal elements (sockets and switches).

Selection of Above-Standard Materials

The selection includes changes in the standard fixtures and fittings not affecting the layout and internal installations; i.e. replacing the standard equipment with the above-standard one, or a selection of the standard equipment in a non-standard (bigger or lower) extent not requiring the consultation with a designer. It is especially the changes of floor and ceramic tiles, furnishings, water supply fittings (without any change in installations and the distribution system), floor coverings (without any change in the floor underlay; a change in the floor covering thickness, if any, is carried out using the levelling screed or a higher underlay mat), interior door (without any change in the size of the door aperture and the direction of the door leaf opening) and the completion of wiring (changing the types of sockets, switches and luminaires with no modification of the distribution systems of installations). These modifications are negotiated in the sample rooms of cooperating suppliers.

Modification of Installations

This include the modifications of the location and the number of furnishings, water and sewer outlets, modifications affecting the heating, ventilation, recuperation and air conditioning, changes in cabling, outlets and terminals of the weak and heavy current electrical installations. Also included are modifications of floor coverings affecting the change in the floor underlay thickness, changes in the interior door swing direction, changes in the extent of protective walls in bathrooms, toilets and kitchenettes and modifications of plasterboard ceilings.

Layout Modification

It includes the layout modifications, shifts, partition extensions and shortenings, installation of new partitions, removal of partitions when linking the rooms together, modifications of the sizes of and adding door apertures and other wall openings, mounting of the casings for sliding doors. These modifications also include any potential modifications of installations in the previous category.

Do you see yourselves in your new home now?

Please contact the PSN Sales Department where we will answer all your questions. We will also be happy to set up a meeting with you in the ProBydlení´s Client Centre where you will find out the prices and the dates of specific modifications.